How to become an Admin

  • Requests will be brought to all available admins
  • An Anonymous Vote will be made by the admins using something like (
  • Admins are given a week to make a decision.
  • Unanimous votes for Admins will only be considered.
  • Admins decisions are final, however users can feel free to reapply at a later stage

What is expected of you as an admin

  • To respond within a 24 hours, once notifiied, to arbitrate on a breach of the Code of Conduct (this could include issuing warnings to users, banning users by disabling their accounts, removing inappropriate content etc).
  • To help maintain and foster a harassment-free environment for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion.
  • To be present member of the community: posting regularly in the main channels, as well as contributing to the discussions of both the private admin channel & #admins

How to be unadmined

  • If you are considered inactive by a admin it will be raised internally first, failure to reply will be seen as a disinterest in continuing to admin.
  • You can be un admined at any time at your request
  • Should there ever arise a time when an admin has been in breech of a TOC, the private admin channel will have an anomymous vote (no vitos) as to the severity of the sanction and the results of that will be brought to the public channel
  • Admins decisions are final.

Moderating 101 (applies to both Admin & Mods)

  • Never post or take an action when you are annoyed or angry.
  • Log off if necessary, then decide what to say or do. Always try to be impartial.
  • If you need to dish out some of your new mod powers, issue a warning first with an in-channel post or by DM, preferably both, before anyone is banned. When removing content, place the text where you remove the offending material so it's obvious to forum users that you've removed it, helping ensure transparent moderation.
  • If the same person breaks the rules once more, take appropriate action (stern warning or permanent ban), seek advice in the Admin channel if you’re unsure.
  • If you are deleting a user’s post, it may be wise to take a screen shot first, before deletion. It’s very useful to have a copy of the exact content that was in violation of the rules, in case you need to justify it later or need to compare posting styles between someone you’ve banned and a new user who’s causing similar trouble.

Moderation Team

As ITC grows, so does our demand for more moderators and people to assist the main admins in their daily tasks for maintance. So with that, we will be asking for volunteers for channel mods. The Jobs of the Moderators will be to ensure that the channels they participate in already are lively and engaging, and upholding the TOC. It is up to the moderators to remind channel users of the rules not to enforce them. That is something that should be esclated to the Admins.

  • Volunteers for the Moderation team should be directed to #Admin as to which channel you would like to moderate on.
  • How you will identify yourself as a moderator is by putting it as follows in your Bio (example @Oisin Admin) as well as adding it to the channel purpose (Mods: @Oisin)
  • Any esclations should be reported to any of the admin team.
  • The same rules apply for moderation as for Admin : you must be active and remain active.

Reported/Flagged content

If someone reports/flags a piece of content in a channel (by typing “hubot admins” or “hubot notify admins”. You and any other Admins will receive an emai. You should review the content and decide whether or not any action is required. If you’re unsure consult another admin or ask in the admin channel.

Banning Someone

To disable a user’s account:

  1. Visit the Team Members page at
  2. Click the arrow next to the persons current team role.
  3. Click Disable Account.

For more info see:

A record of banned users should be kept.

A DM, or possibly email, should be sent to be user informing them of their disabled account and, if necessary, the reason for doing so.

What to do if you feel an Admin has acted inappropriately

  • Raise it with another Admin as soon as possible. Please detail where possible, time, date, and context to allow another admin to look into this for you.
  • Failing a satisfactory response from the Admin that was being inappropriate, bring it to the #admin channel
  • An open discussion with other members of the community and a compromise will be found.


  • Currently there’s no way to infract someone, or flag a user, log a warning etc via slack - so if someone does break the rules, it won’t be possible to log that anywhere, unless some system for doing so is created. Therefore at the moment it’s at the discretion of the admins memory to recall infractions of the rules/CoC by a specific person.
  • Specious proposes a record to be kept on Github or somewhere for offences made however, is concerned about the legal and data privacy issues this may raise.