About WelcomeBot

The point of the WelcomeBot is so that whenever someone new joins the Community that they get welcomed.

What you need to know about the WelcomeBot

  • It will DM the new user with the following message:


Welcome to the Irish Tech Community, we’re glad you could join us!

Check out the following information to familiarise yourself:

  • New User Guide: http://irishtechcommunity.com/newuserguide/
  • Admin Guide: http://irishtechcommunity.com/adminguide/
  • Code of Conduct: http://irishtechcommunity.com/codeofconduct/

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in #general.

Have fun!

  • Built Python on Heroku to replace the welcomebot text but to DM instead of #general channel
  • The code for it is also in the ITC Github

About Abbot

Abbot greets you in the #welcome channel

What you need to know about Abbot

  • It will post the following message in the channel:

Welcome @username ! Feel free to introduce yourself here and join a few channels!

  • Based on a Zapier
  • Runs every 15 minutes
  • Admin have the keys, should people wish to view the code.


I’ve got some feedback on the Welcomebot/Abbot, where do I go?

The #admin channel is always the best first call if you have any feedback or contributation to make. Second would be making a comment on the actual git page with your comment and recommendations.

Can I leave the #welcome channel? Or do I have to stay there?

You can leave the #welcome channel at any stage you wish.

I don’t like to be contacted by Abbot/WelcomeBot, can I disable it?

Abbot and Welcome bot will only ping you once when you create an account for Slack and log in. It has useful information for newcommers in it, which you would be of interest to you. After this, it will not ping you or contact you again.