As we move into 2018 it was time to take steps into making the ITC experience more seamless for all parties involved. This means taking stock of what has come before - our victories and our failure and making a plan for the future. This invariably means that how things work from now on is going to be different and hopefully this will be to the benefit of all members of the community.

It’ll negate the need for having one person making all the big decisions or having all of the responsibility. It’ll be more firm on who and what we allow on ITC. The internet is a big place, and we want to curate ITC into something that we can be proud of. A community of people who want to help build up and not tear down but in order to plant the seeds of that spirit there need to be some things to facilitate that change.

Focus of ITC

ITC is to be; supportive, empowering and insightful. Adding genuine value in terms of these via mature interactions

Objective of ITC

To be a force of good in the irish tech scene. To be supportive and encouraging of our peers to find their place in the tech scene. A source of reliable information with people who care about the Irish Tech scene. To be a place of where all people can gather to discuss all areas of tech in a supportive and engaging environment.

Restructure of ITC

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Primary Owner:

Is the person who will break a deadlock within the admins or will have the final say over any structural/high level decision where a decision cannot be reached.


Will have primary responsibility for the running and maintenance of the Slack. Owners will have the same responsibility as Admins.


Will have primary responsibility for the running and maintenance of the Slack. They will be there to support & encourage the moderation team. Stepping in where necessary to perform actions such as bannings, kicking people out of channels, any sort of allocation of strikes or disciplinary matters. Participating in discussions with the admin team on high level/functional matters (approaches about sensitive issues or being approached about partnerships etc)


Mods is where there is going to be a more fundamental change. As we will be requiring more moderators for additional channels moving forward. For example; in any giving period #jobs & #gaming are two of our most active channels across the entire community. Meaning that these channels are more prone to needing more active moderation than some of the smaller groups.

In light of this, we will need your support to make this a reality. For those who have already volunteered to Mod for us your contribution has been greatly appreciated & it’s made a huge difference. However, the reason for why we would like more mods is due to the fact that all of the issues that arise while modding can still fall down to one person to then sift through them.

There will be two key differences to being a mod:

They will have a seperate moderator channel They will have specific admins to report to

So, in light of that here are the following rules for moderators.

They are to ensure that the rules of the individual channels & of the slack are being kept at all times. They will be asking users who are going off topic (#302ing) or who are breaking any rules (TOS violations) to stop doing that. Should they not be listened to mods can either go to their own moderating channel where other mods from other channels are and request help from their peers. (Having one than more voice in those sorts of situations are always useful) Failing that, they will then be reporting to their specific Admin with what’s been going on.

What Moderators are not allowed to do:

They are not allowed to DM any user asking them to stop They do not have any special powers to bar or kick out anyone


Rules are now changing so mods will be more predominant in channels We will be looking for more volunteers for people to moderate They will have their own channel to get support from each other and for admins They will have no additional powers other than to enforce the rules. They will have the support of a single admin for any issues that arise that they can’t resolve themselves.