Irish Tech Community - Jobs FAQ/Rules

As our community grows, it’s important that all members are aware of best practice rules when it comes to using the #jobs channel.

  • Open chat is encouraged however please be mindful of the code of conduct when it comes to etiqutte.
    • Don’t forget we have other channels like #python & #rant for where discussion is more appropriate.
  • All members are allowed to post any job that may be of interest to the wider community ie. doesn’t have to be programming jobs.
  • Only job posts are allowed to be pinned - no exceptions.
  • While questions about all aspects of jobs/worklife is encouraged - ITC is not a substitute for legal advice from a professional lawyer/barrister.
  • Plese do not spam other members with jobs if they have not reached out first. We are a community who respects peoples privacy.
  • Pinned jobs should follow the following format : Greeting, Job-title, Location, Level, Technologies, Contact Information / Link. This should be kept to a single message.

Example of a Job Post from @ccrosse

Morning all, have a Senior engineering role with another start-up in Dublin. They are looking for a senior engineer who is open/curious to work in a number of technologies. They were using Python, Ruby and now have a strong preference to Node.JS. - Let me know if this piques any interest. Cheers

  • No discrimination in your posts, e.g. “NO RECRUITERS”. You are making an active decision to post a job on the board. ITC is not responsible for who sees the post, and if you don’t already have it in the job post you’re listing then that’s your responsibility. You either trust the community with the information, or you don’t. Admins will delete posts like this as being Anti-Social at their dicresion.
  • Clean up after yourselves! If you pin something, and you know the job is gone, please remove it. Otherwise a Bot or a bored admin will!
  • If a post is removed after a certain period (3 Months +) the admins are under no obligation to notify the original poster of the removal; they will be en masse.

As usual, if there are any questions or concerns around this please don’t hestiate to contact an admin which can be accessed by /admins .


Can I post a Job? - Yes, any job that you feel is relevant to this community.

Can I just say my company is hiring with no futher information - No, if you’re going to post do yourself a favour and post more detail.

Can I post if I’m a recruiter? - Yes, but if you’re a recruiter you need to be honest about it. We have a very watchful community, any antisocial behaviour such as hassling people or anything like that (from any member of the community) will not be tolerated.

Can I post an advertisment for an internship - Yes, but we do have a preference for paid internships to be advertised. We believe in saying “an honest days work for an honest days pay”. Be prepared to be questioned by the community if it’s not paid.

Can I post about my recruitment event? - No, events like that should be labled as recruiter events and then placed in the #events channel or if it’s a student based recruitment (college etc.) then please post in the Students channel.

Can I post here if I’m looking for work? - Yes, however please note that if you do it will not be pinned. Your best bet, if you’re looking for work, is to look in the pinned section of Jobs.

Can I look for help about recruitment/interviews/contracts/salary? - Yes, that’s what the community is here for.