Joining ITC

We are always interested to meet new people.

Come and join our community if you are:

  • interested in technology, or just want to talk to people or learn more about tech things,
  • have some connection to Ireland,
  • are a real person (no bots, please), and
  • are willing to follow our code of conduct.

We have many channels devoted to a wide variety of subjects, from design and development of tech, to conferences, diversity, and more. Together, we are building a sustainable, diverse community of people who are interested in growing their skills, experience, community, and industry.

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Please do not use company names, brand names or similar in your username. We do not have a ‘real names’ policy of any description, but expect members to communicate their personal opinions, rather than the opinions of brands, companies, or employers. Full details in the very short code of conduct.

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Welcome to ITC, the Irish Technology Community!